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As the age-old adage repeats itself "time waits for no man"; nor does progress!  Decades of proudly "SERVING AND PROTECTING" - why it seems like just yesterday!  However, the month of January 2019 marks an important and significant milestone for Marion Security Agency as we celebrate our 37th year doing business together.  To this end, our heartfelt thanks go out to all the professional Security Officers and valued customers alike for their support throughout the years!  Without such dedication, our flourishing progress and highly regarded success could not have been realized; we shall be forever grateful!

Thirty-seven years ago on a stormy January morning papers were signed that made it official, Marion Leigh Corporation t/a Marion Security Agency was conceived.  A corporation that in many respects was an extension of a childhood dream of owning a business.  There were those who predicted it would not last; fortunately they were wrong.  It was not single-handedly that they were proven wrong; rather it was together with the loyal employees and customers of Marion Security Agency who remained faithfully dedicated to the dream!  We proudly take this opportunity to acknowledge and commend our partners in success.  Marion Security Agency  humbly thanks the inaugural Security Officers and customers for their admired contributions toward the elimination of any thought of failure.  With your professional help, a dream was turned into the respected reality and cornerstone of the private security industry that it is today!

Thirty-seven years is both a long time and a very short time.  In comparison, matching up to some of the corporate “giants” Marion Security Agency is nevertheless still adolescent.  On the other hand, thirty-seven years in a competitive business atmosphere that is constantly, rapidly advancing and changing, is an achievement we can all be proud of.  We have established ourselves and claimed our admirable position in the honored profession of private security.  Together we have assured Marion Security Agency’s enviable reputation of being the “Best Uniformed Security Guard Agency in the State of New Jersey”! 

As we continue to build on the same "SERVING AND PROTECTING” foundation as set forth on January 21, 1982, while welcoming a whole new generation of professional Security Officers; we fully expect many more years of success!  Our gratitude is extended to each Marion Security Agency Security Officer who has “carried the torch” and in a very genuine way, helped make Marion Security Agency the “go-to” resource for the most professional, personalized uniformed security service to be had!  Accordingly, our thoughts turn gratefully to the Marion Security Agency valued customers of whom without, our continued progress would not be possible.  It is with sincere appreciation that we offer our indebtedness to all who have been part of the last thirty-seven successful years!  We value our relationships and look forward to a positive, rewarding future!  THANK YOU and may you have a bright, prosperous 2019 filled with peace and all good blessings - "THE DIFFERENCE IS CARING"! 


1982 ~ 2019




The month of November and the Thanksgiving Holiday afford the opportunity to say "THANK YOU"  to the MARION SECURITY AGENCY Security Officers.  In this vein, sincere and heartfelt appreciation is extended for the outstanding service provided to the Agency’s valued customers.  Customer loyalty in the ever-demanding private security industry is at times, challenging to realize.  MARION SECURITY AGENCY’S professional Security Officers have steadfastly demonstrated the accomplished ability to delivering a superior service while furthering the Agency, its' fine reputation and customer loyalty. Hard work is primary and essential while achieving success.   MARION SECURITY AGENCY’S Security Officers understand dedication to excellence is the cornerstone for sustaining the expectations of their respected Agency.  Throughout the challenging economic times which lay ahead, the key distinction is found in MARION SECURITY AGENCY'S appropriate adage "THE DIFFERENCE IS CARING": professional integrity, consistency and commitment to the seamless operation of the facilities we have been entrusted to defend. MARION SECURITY AGENCY'S  growth and standing in the private security industry are dependent on the competence to continue to deliver exceptional service while fulfilling our pledge to serve and protect.  We appreciate the allegiance, positive attitude and desire for achievement demonstrated by the Security Officers on duty! The MARION SECURITY AGENCY Security Officer is an esteemed asset to this Agency and the foundation for a future of expansion and success together - "WE THANK YOU FOR YOU" !



Marion Security Agency was honored to announce the Agency as one of the first in the State of New Jersey to be approved and licensed as a SECURITY AGENCY, pursuant to the "Provisions of Title 45, Chapter 19A of the Revised Statutes, and Supplements and Amendments thereto" of the Security Officer Registration Act; N.J.A.C. 13:55A. Marion Security Agency .... "SORA" License Number 1007 .... proudly became a New Jersey State Licensed Security Agency effective July 2, 2007. Marion Security Agency's Private Detective License Number 3226 under the PRIVATE DETECTIVE ACT OF 1939, effective January 21, 1982, remains active and in full force - "THE DIFFERENCE IS CARING"!



Marion Security Agency's President Bob Phillips is a graduate of the inaugural "SORA" Security Officer Instructor Certification Course provided for by the Private Detective Unit of the New Jersey State Police. Likewise, Marion Security Agency's Vice President Tony Frusco and Instructor Bill Krause additionally maintain the significant "SORA" Security Officer Instructor Certification. It is an honor therefore to officially proclaim Bob, Tony and Bill qualified, professional Certified Security Officer Instructors in accordance with the SECURITY OFFICER REGISTRATION ACT "SORA”.  Marion Security Agency is proud of its' organization's on-staff specialized Certified Security Officer Instructors evidencing a total commitment to, and compliance with, the regulations which govern the private security industry throughout the State of New Jersey - "THE DIFFERENCE IS CARING"! 

Serving and Protecting Since 1982